Thursday, 22 December 2011

Sally's Studio : Collector's Edition Full Version

Pada kesempatan kali ini , saya mau share game yang bernama Sally's Studio Collector's Edition. Memang saya sudah pernah share Sally's Spa pada post sebelumnya , tetapi Sally's Studio menceritakan tentang usaha fitness yang dijalankan oleh Sally . Sally's Studio Collector's Edition juga menyajikan permainan time management yang menyenangkan. Ayo dimonggo .3.)

Screenshot :


Description : 

Help the world unwind and shape up with Sally's Studio™, the all-new escapade in the hit series.

To stay in shape for her fast-paced businesses, Sally loves hitting her local gym, but when it closes down, she is left with nowhere to go. Always one to find a silver lining, she turns this setback into an opportunity and decides to open her very own fitness studios. Now, the whole world can feel as energized as she does!

Join Sally as she travels all over the globe helping people feel their best with her new health and fitness studios. Tone muscle on a warm beach, learn yoga in a mountaintop retreat, unwind in a peaceful courtyard, and much more in 50 fun motivational levels. Meet a colorful collection of customers, from teachers and tourists, to ballroom dancers and Olympic athletes. With each invigorating studio, you'll enjoy shopping for over 60 items including new equipment, upgrades, staff, and special power-up songs to keep everyone motivated!

Feature :
  • Open health and fitness studios around this world in this Time Management sequel.
  • Tone muscles, teach yoga and much more in 50 fabulous levels.
  • Purchase over 60 items and upgrades, including staff, to earn medals and trophies.
  • Play fresh new motivational and invigorating mini-games.
  • Meet colorful customers including tourists, ballroom dancers and Olympic athletes. 

Collector Edition Bonus :
  • Bonus gameplay!
  • Magnificent wallpapers
  • Animated screensaver
  • Fantastic concept art
  • Special Collector’s shop

Download :

Semoga bermanfaat! '3')9

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