Saturday, 10 January 2015

Vocaloid Editor 4.2.1 Full Version

Vocaloid 4 is a singing voice synthesizer and successor to Vocaloid 3 in the Vocaloid series. The new engine allows the importation of Vocaloid 2 and Vocaloid 3 vocals, though Vocaloid 2 vocals must have already been imported into Vocaloid 3 for this to work. The new engine includes many new features such as cross synthesis, growl, etc.

Demo :

  • Need at least one voicebank installed to use this editor.
  • Vocaloid 4 is not compatiable in Windows XP / Vista
  • It is compatible with all VOCALOID2, VOCALOID3 and VOCALOID4 voices as long it's FE or AE version (a.k.a non-legal).
  • VocaListener has English UI *
  • Language interface (UI) available in English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Tagalog (Filipino), Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay and Thai.
  • It includes over 100 Job-plugins VocaloidStore and some made by users. They are in the installation folder.
 Screenshot :

Download :

  • Download | Vocaloid Editor 4.2.1 (NEWEST UPDATE)
  • GDrive


  • Download | Vocaloid Editor 4.0.1 Full Version (46 MB)
  • Via MEGA
  • Via GDrive : Mirror 1 | Mirror 2
  • Status : Active (Last Upated on 01/10/2014)

NOTE : This editor is only for domestic use (for fun or personal use), do not use it for monetary gain!

Vocaloid 3 Voicebank Collection


UPDATE 14/09/2015 (version 4.2.1)
  • Improved overall stability.
  • Spanish language updated interface

UPDATE 03/04/2015 (version 4.1.0)
  • Support "Megurine Luka V4X".
  • Revert selected notes to default lyrics.
  • Enter multiple lyrics for a single note.
  • General improvements to stability.

UPDATE 01/06/2015 (Version 4.0.1)

  • Fixed AVAST hoax. 
  • Fixed problem when trying to open the manual from VOCALOID 4 Editor.  
  • Added shortcut to manual W / All Programs / Vocaloid4FE.  
  • Add a small facility for "Visual C ++ 2008 SP1 (x86)" and "Visual C ++ 2012 (x86)" during installation of editor. (now can be compatible with WindowsXP / Vista)
UPDATE 04/01/2015 (Version 4.0.1)

Some antivirus recognized VOCALOID4.exe as a virus. Be calm because it is not, is normal with new cracks. You have to disable your antivirus to install VOCALOID 4 and also to run it, or antivirus delete the file and shortcuts become unusable.
The most convenient is to create an exception / exclusion for VOCALOID4.exe file from your antivirus, and report on a "false positive" if possible. (the procedure varies according to the antivirus) 

Semoga Bermanfaat dan Terima kasih telah berkunjung!! ( ´∀`) 

Credit :
(Thank you so much!!)


Spraad said... Reply

Thank you so much for sharing! You helped me a lot :D

Pramudia Putra Adhityawan said... Reply
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Anonymous said... Reply

I dont't have Vocaloid4Fe.exe File
Can you make one more link(It's OK
if its MEGA)Plese ^^

Anonymous said... Reply
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Anonymous said... Reply

@LukaI mean... No Vocaloid4 file

Reikunz said... Reply


It's because of your antivirus that detect it as a virus and delete it. I advice you make an excption list for it or just disable your antivirus when installing and running the editor.

If it's because of install problem, try download from Google Drive link (I add it on download section). Hope it helps.

crossi said... Reply

it's not compatibe with Xp\Vista and readme.txt claims it

"Add a small facility for "Visual C ++ 2008 SP1 (x86)" and "Visual C ++ 2012 (x86)" during installation of editor. "

that windows updates are needed for V4-engine and vocalistener, just like V3 needed for Visual C ++ 2008 SP1 to launch

Storm said... Reply


Anonymous said... Reply

After downloading it and starting to download VY1 V4 my virus scanner kept on making alerts on V4
I scanned it for quite a long time (7 hours!)and found out that it got affected by "Vundo"
Just to remind you of it, because i'm quite sure it's the V4 that affedted my computer.

Suluh Ngenezz said... Reply

gan bisa upload Vocaloid 4 For Cubase gak ? ty banget kalo bisa

N said... Reply

Hey thanks for the upload! Question, will this work with the other VBs Alexvox uploaded?

N said... Reply


Scratch that it works xD Thanks again!

A pair of glasses said... Reply

We can always rely on you.

dj Xiu said... Reply

The update doesn't work since every time i click on the setup it says vocaloid v4 isn't installed even though it is.

ChocoP said... Reply

@dj Xiu Have you try to turn off your antivirus? Sometime it will block the setup and delete the program.

Anonymous said... Reply

Must I uninstall your cracked Vocaloid3FE first to install this?

tanny said... Reply

I Can't DL piapro studio... can you help me??

Nur Fauzi said... Reply

i'm sorry, how do i install singer library in vocaloid4 editor?

danny ferrato said... Reply
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danny ferrato said... Reply

Did not work for me when I turned anti virus off...

Adler Ructer said... Reply

already install VY1V4 but still say no singer

Anonymous said... Reply

wow the demo song is soo good!
this download helped me a lot.........
i'm coming back into the vocaloid world, this time as a producer!

Anonymous said... Reply

Sorry, but it just seems suspicious that so many comments have been removed by the author... Moving on...

Anonymous said... Reply

It leaves me with an error, it still isn't compatible with Windows Vista even though you say it works for vista?

Andrew said... Reply

Helllppp!!! My computer says not a valid win32 application :( and i have nothing to block it!! Dx

Anonymous said... Reply

The updater is not working.
I tried with the shutting down antivirus.

It still doesn't work, can you please give out the link to Vocaloid 4.1.0?

Anonymous said... Reply

Everything worked fine, no viruses. Thank you so much for doing this, you are a goddess. I couldn't get VocaListener to work on Vocaloid 3, but it works fine here with an English interface so again thank you (too bad you can't input english lyrics but whatever).

Great demo song too!

Hainur said... Reply

Terima Kasih....

Sangat membantu saya ini...

maju terus...

Julian Neri said... Reply

Vocaloid is out now for update. Any way to update the download link for that version?

Thanks in advance

Quwanda Thornton said... Reply

Please give us the update
I downloaded everything, I'm so sad I couldn't be able to sing in english :(

Jadwal KRL September 2015 said... Reply

terima kasih kak atas Vocaloid nya

Ikhwan Fikri Nur Afra said... Reply

Eh gomen, tapi bisa kan voicebanks vocaloid 3 dipake di vocaloid 4?

Dong Ryul Yu said... Reply
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said... Reply

Why Miku4XBeta and LukaV4X aren't in my Library?
Well, I try to explain. So, I downloaded Luka and Miku and after the download I installed Miku and Luka on my library.
But, when I open VOCALOIDV4 they aren't in "Singers", why?
I tried to install again and again on my library, but the aren't when I open the software VOCALOIDV4.
VFlower, MikuV3, IrohaV4, VY1V4 and GUMIV3 are on "Singers", but Miku4X and Luka4X aren't there.
I have VOCALOID Editor 4.1.0.

I'm sorry for my bad english.

Takara Emi Saito said... Reply

Wtf you mean "it's not compatible with xp/vista" Nothing is compatible with windows xp!! windows xp is disconnected so wtf!!

Brendon Lucas said... Reply

Ok so how do you install singer libraries cause it says i don't have any.

Anonymous said... Reply

Ok hey, It worked but once I selected my language, it gives me an error, saying I don't have a singer installed, or that VOCALOID is missing necessary files for it to work, any ideas what to do to solve this? THANKS

John Aldridge said... Reply

TOO BAD, the links provided above are not working. I tried it and just a suggestion, do not waste your time guys! Good news is that, I already found the real file, after some searching all around. I want to ease your burden looking, so I am just giving you the real download link.




Pegasbila said... Reply

@Ikhwan Fikri Nur Afra

Bisa kok :)

Anonymous said... Reply

Do you have the plugins anywhere by any chance?

森島かずや said... Reply

umm... i can't seem to open this it says failed to launch vocaloid 4 fe
possible reasons are as follows
1. i don't have any singers
2. i may have accidentally deleted a needed file
but i already installed 1 singer
is there any way to fix this?

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Anonymous said... Reply

when i try to open it, it says that the setup files are corrupted. What do i do?

Syafiq Aqil said... Reply

is this full version ??

Anonymous said... Reply

I don't have VocaListener.
What happened?

Zianna Rahman said... Reply

I can't download any of links above as it direct to adfly and state the link is deleted

Anonymous said... Reply


yo is it ok if i make songs and post it on youtube and/or nnd? But not for the money? Just to share it for fun... or is that still not allowed?

Anonymous said... Reply

@Zianna Rahman
try the via mega link and wait for the second thingy to run out, it took me to MEGA and I downloaded it :P

Unknown said... Reply

Im not with the youtube's money program or something; but, if i make a whole song from this and upload it to youtube, is it a fair use or at risk?

Ryan Jonathan - RJKuker said... Reply

KOk ga ada voicebanknya sih? Kenapa di delete?

Anonymous said... Reply

Missing files ? tried 2 links already, might try a third

Blogger said... Reply

I have used AVG protection for a few years now, I would recommend this product to everyone.

Dr.Dong said... Reply

i cant use thgis cuz it says:

Cannot Lunch VOCALOID4 editor.
Possible reasons are as follows:
1. No singer library has ben installed. A singer library Should be installed before launching VOCALOID4 editor. Please purchase and install a single library.
2. Files necessary to launch VOCALOID4 editor are missing. The files may have been removed by mistake.

Please help me. :,(

Naimish Patel said... Reply

Thanks Admin Nice Post Keep UpDate.Thank You.

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Ruurd Woltring said... Reply

Will you please place Vocaloid for Cubase on your website? I'm sure that this program would really help us all a lot.

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Robyul Hamzah said... Reply

mengatasi no singer library gimana ea?

Anonymous said... Reply

Do you know if third-party Mixer plugins work with this software? Idk it it being cracked would affect compatibility

Ayam Vita said... Reply

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