Monday, 8 June 2015

CeVIO Creative Studio SFE Full Version

CeVIO Creative Studio is a commercial vocal synthesizer product released on September 26th, 2013. CeVIO Creative Studio won two awards in 2013, the "MicrosoftⓇ Innovation Award 2013" and the "CEDEC Award". CEVIO Creative Studio S is the full paid version.

Features :

  • Unlike the official trial, it does not require internet connection.
  • Same functions as the legal version.
  • You can use your legal Voicebanks.
  • Added support for ONE Trial, Minato (Red) and Kazuki (Green)
  • It Included Sasara Satou, Takahashi and Suzuki Tsudumi.Only available in Chinese. (The original interface is in Japanese). 

System Requirements :

  • Japanese system configuration. (Location, Format, Language for non-Unicode programs).
  • Requires .NET Framework 4.0. Install it if the program doesn't open.
  • The text notes can be entered only in Hiragana.

  • This project is only for usage of CeVIO at home, for fun.
  • The other target of the project is advertising of CeVIO technology.
  • If you have money - buy it!
  • If you using CeVIO for commercial benefits - buy it!

Download :
  • Download | CeVIO Creative Studio SFE Full Version [53 MB]
  • Via Binbox
  • Link Status : Active

Semoga Bermanfaat dan Terima kasih telah berkunjung!! ( ´∀`) 

Credit :
(Thank you so much!!)


WorlOfIjah said... Reply

harus di pindah ke bahasa jepang kyak UTAU

Anonymous said... Reply

Does anyone know the activation code, it said that you need it to operated fully otherwise it only let you used it for 30 days

Anonymous said... Reply

Is there a way to turn the interface back to Japanese??

Unknown said... Reply

hey. i'm having a little problem..
i'm following the installation tutorial that you gave along with the file.
and it won't work. my computer keeps saying that it's filled with viruses and Trojans...
can you help me?

meichan said... Reply

try turn your anti virus off till it's done as mine worked total fine

John Aldridge said... Reply

TOO BAD, the links provided above are not working. I tried it and just a suggestion, do not waste your time guys! Good news is that, I already found the real file, after some searching all around. I want to ease your burden looking, so I am just giving you the real download link.




Superior oppression said... Reply

^that is so suspicious...

Anonymous said... Reply

@John Aldridge I would say your so called 'real' look WAY more suspicious than choco's. At least put some effort in making the fake.

Anonymous said... Reply

Hi. I have a little problem...
I'm following the installation tutorial, but it isn't work.
I can't open it. But doesn't aperece any message...
Can someone help me?

ps:sorry my bad english, i don't know very good this language...^^'

Tokyo Koala said... Reply

the software asks me for a password(serial numbers)
can someone give me them.pls I need help =)

Anonymous said... Reply

Unblock the installation files or temporarily disable the Firewall/Virus protection/ect

Zafkiel Kurumi said... Reply

punyaku malah minta keygen.nya.. hadeh gimana nih

Anonymous said... Reply

I'm following the installation guide completely but every time I click on the .exe file to run cevio it tells me windows ran into a problem starting up the program, I have the zip file unblocked and I installed it following the install.txt guide included in the .rar, I' getting ready to give up because I can't get it to work and I've been trying for the last few days and I can't figure it out, if someone can help me figure this out that would be amazing because I'm seriously considering deleting the files all together ;w;

Naimish Patel said... Reply

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Pearchy said... Reply

why? there's a problem?

Anonymous said... Reply

can someone who's done this tell me if it's safe? I don't want to go and download a virus.

Blogger said... Reply

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Blogger said... Reply


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RoseSynth said... Reply

I've registered it and everything. The software opens, but then gives an error message saying "CeVIO is out of date" before closing. What is causing this?

kombi said... Reply

@RoseSynth Hey did manage to find a solution for your proble i have the sam eissue

Aqua-P said... Reply

I followed all the steps, I turn on CeVIO and it says to me : "Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object", Then the page closes...

Ulysses said... Reply

This version ( IS out-of-date and it doesn't work anymore, so don't try this anymore. Anyone who want to use CeVIO now should go and use CeVIO 6 official trial or wait for SFE6 - however, I'm falling into depression and do not have time and effort to make a new version for now. Let's wait for IA English.